Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Extending Online Backup

Once your files are on a remote server there are some really useful things that can be done with those files. We've been working to get these capabilities out to Athena Backup users.

Here are some of the useful new features that we're working on for Athena Backup.

Basic file access can be provided via a web page. This is great to allow retrieve a specific file by drilling down through a set of folders when you're somewhere else (e.g. work) and you need to get a file from your computer at home (or vice-versa). Here's a screenshot of a prototype Athena Backup website viewing files.

The next level of functionality is for the system to understand more about the files. Providing a search by file type and/or date, especially across multiple computers allows users to easily find the file they're looking for, especially when it isn't obvious where it is. Here's a screen shot of a prototype of the web-based searching functionality for Athena Backup.

The level of functionality beyond this is to allow users to do useful things with their online files like creating albums and allowing people to link to files, etc... Here's a screenshot of Athena Backup showing the files found in thumbnail view. From here they will be able to be added to albums, emailed, etc...

All of these feature are planned for release next month. Stay tuned for more!

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